Vitamin Well proud partner to Scandinavian Invitation

The Swedish functional beverage company Vitamin Well is proud to be the exclusive beverage partner to the yearly European golf tournament Scandinavian Invitation, that takes place in Gothenburg on the 22 th – 25th of August.

As the official beverage partner Vitamin Well will provide the players with refreshing thirst quenchers at every other tee. Vitamin Well will also have its own activation zone where the visitors can join contests, charge their phones and enjoy the tournament in comfortable seats.

– We are excited to be a part of the golf event of the year! Scandinavian Invitation is a perfect opportunity for us to meet consumers, arrange activities and further strengthen our connection to the sport, says Petter Ericson Hållén, Marketing Manager at Vitamin Well.

Golf is and has always been a key sport for Vitamin Well. In addition to the Scandinavian Invitation the beverage company has collaborations with celebrated Swedish players such as Joakim Lagergren, Camilla Lennarth and Frida Gustafsson Spång.


Vitamin Well x Copenhagen Fashion Week

Starting August 8th and for the third year in a row, it is once again time for Vitamin Well to attend one of the Nordics’ biggest fashion events of the year – Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Vitamin Well will be on-site during the fashion week to quench the thirst on some of the shows, among them Stand and Hofmann. Vitamin Well is also teaming up with 16 ambassadors from all across Europe, that are coming along to Copenhagen for some exciting days filled with team activities, dinners, yoga and relaxing by the pool. And of course, to keep an eye on the upcoming fashion trends.

One of Vitamin Well’s newly signed ambassadors – also known as one of Sweden’s most successful swimmer Sarah Sjöström – will come along to Copenhagen as well as the Scandi IT-girls Marielle Lindahl, Ida Sjunnesson, Charlotte Caroline and Theresa Kofoed. Tune in on their Instagram for inspiration and the latest updates about CPHFW.

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Below are the Vitamin Well ambassadors that are coming to Copenhagen Fashion Week:

Sarah Sjöström
Johan de Jong Skierus
Kiira Korpi
Didem Özgun
Maryam Razavi
Helgi Omarsson
Dora Julia
Marielle Lindahl
Ida Sjunnesson
Felicia Aveklew
Andrea Caroline Brotschi
Ayla Rasulov 
Elina Gollert
Theresa Kofoed
Camilla Knudsen
Charlotte Caroline