The new Vitamin Well: Enhance, with the taste of fresh orange 

With warmer months ahead, Vitamin Well now launches the new flavour Vitamin Well Enhance. A still thirst-quencher with the taste of fresh orange and a blend of carefully selected vitamins, such as vitamin C, B6 and niacin.  

– Vitamin Well Enhance is the drink for those who wish to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, says Petter Ericson Hållén, Global Brand Manager for Vitamin Well.  

Vitamin Well is expanding its range of modern thirst-quenchers with a new flavor: Vitamin Well Enhance. With its carefully selected and versatile combination of vitamins, it is the perfect thirst-quencher for anyone who strives for something better this summer.  

– Vitamin Well Enhance combines a rich and fruity orange flavour with the freshness that we all want from a thirst-quencher, especially during summer. With its great taste and vitamin content, it is made to make everyday moments more special, says Petter Ericson Hållén.   

Vitamin Well Enhance contains vitamin C, niacin and pantothenic acid which all contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Enhance also contains vitamin B6 which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the normal functioning of the immune system. Besides that, vitamin C contributes to the absorption of iron.  

Like all original Vitamin Well beverages, Enhance is non-carbonated, low in calories, sweetened with fructose (fruit sugar), and without preservatives. The bottle is made of 100 percent recycled plastics and has, as always, the recognizable and Scandinavian Vitamin Well design. 

Vitamin Well Enhance launches in Sweden, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Slovenia and the UK on the 3rd of April. It will be available in retail nationwide as well as online through a variety of resellers.  

As part of the new launch, Vitamin Well will emphasize bringing Enhanced experiences to events, activities, and locations outside of sports, such as universities. Make sure to follow Vitamin Well on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on what’s ahead! Vitamin Well is also launching Enhance just as the running season reaches full speed and ahead lie countless races, training sessions, and community gatherings all over the world.  

Besides this, Vitamin Well continues to support high-level athletes, including footballer Dejan Kuluseviski (SE), tennis players Casper Ruud (NO), Emil Ruusuvuori (FI) and Tim van Rijthoven (NL), runner Jakob Ingebrigtsen (NO), and lifestyle profile and runner Alica Schmidt (DE).  

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About Vitamin Well 

Vitamin Well launched in Sweden in 2008 and is now available in 40 markets all over the world. The functional thirst-quenchers are developed to be a smart alternative to traditional sodas, juices and other sugary drinks. The drinks are recognized by their great taste, low calories, content of carefully selected vitamins and minerals and Scandinavian design. For more information, please visit  

Alica Schmidt and Vitamin Well are teaming up for success

The German track and field athlete and lifestyle profile Alica Schmidt has joined the Vitamin Well family. With a new long-term partnership, the Swedish brand Vitamin Well and Alica Schmidt aim to take running to the next level in Germany. 

– I look forward to sharing moments and memories with the Vitamin Well team, Alica Schmidt says. 

Vitamin Well develops functional beverages for consumers looking for a healthier alternative to sodas, juices, and other sugary drinks. The Vitamin Well range is recognized for its great taste, Scandinavian design, and carefully selected content of vitamins and minerals. The Swedish beverages launched in Germany in 2019.

Now, Vitamin Well has entered a long-term partnership with the German runner and lifestyle icon Alica Schmidt.

– I have been a fan of Vitamin Well for a long time, and have seen the brand evolve. It means a lot to me to be part of that journey from now on. I forward to sharing moments and memories with the Vitamin Well team, she says.

Alica Schmidt has been competing in track and field on an international level for several years and is one of Germany’s most promising runners. She is also well-known on social media, where she currently has 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

– Alica Schmidt is the perfect representative of the Vitamin Well brand. She has proven her ability in sports, but also inspires people to run and live a healthy and active lifestyle, which is becoming more and more important to people everywhere in the world. We are beyond excited to support her moving forward, says Ellen de Bühr, Marketing Activation Manager at Vitamin Well Germany.

She continues:

– Alica is a great example of the next generation of athletes, who inspire both on the track and online. Through everyday content with a great mix of training and lifestyle, she is creating something broader and more relatable than sports results only, while inspiring a larger audience.

Alica Schmidt has been consuming the Vitamin Well beverages regularly for a long time.

– I get them from my local shop all the time. My favorite flavour is currently Vitamin Well Reload, it’s perfect to have between training sessions, when I need to recharge.

The partnership between Alica Schmidt and Vitamin Well starts on the 1st of January and will include various activities in-store, outdoors and on social media. The partnership will be part of Vitamin Well’s continuous support of sports in general and running in particular.  During 2024, Vitamin Well will intensify its support of running, including partnerships with various races, such as the München Marathon and Hamburg Marathon in Germany, as well as supporting runners all over the world, hosting open running sessions, and continuing to build on the global community called Vitamin Well Runners.

Globally, Vitamin Well supports top athletes from different sports – all of which are role models due to their talent, determination, positive impact or sportsmanship. Alica Schmidt joins the ambassador family consisting of, to name a few, tennis star Casper Ruud, racing driver Valtteri Bottas, world champion swimmer Sarah Sjöström, footballer Dejan Kulusevski and runner and world record breaker Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

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Dejan Kulusevski Football Day – for children who love football but risk social exclusion

Earlier this month, Vitamin Well, Stockholm Football Association and football star Dejan Kulusevski invited 30 children and youths from one of Stockholm’s socially vulnerable areas to participate in Dejan Kulusevski Football Day x Vitamin Well. The purpose of the event was to encourage, inspire, and advise children who love football, but also risk social exclusion.   

”The joy of football should determine how far one can reach, not circumstances”, Dejan Kulusevski said. 

The first version of Dejan Kulusevski Football Day x Vitamin Well was arranged last year and focused on helping bring children who lost their connection to football during the pandemic, back into the sport. The event received an abundance of positive feedback, which lead to the decision to arrange a second event. This time around, children that want to play football but might have a hard time partaking in the sport due to their social environment, were invited.

“These children might miss training sessions since they can’t get a ride. They might not be able to afford to travel to away games and might not go to football matches with their parents as often. They might lack family or friends who are engaged in the football club. Today, these kids could train, hang out and receive support from a star like Dejan Kulusevski and that really meant a lot to them”, Jamshid Masori, Football Developer with a focus on integration and inclusion at Stockholms Football Association, said.

“To us, it felt important giving the opportunity to meet and train with Dejan to children that might not have the perfect circumstances”

Petter Ericson Hållén, Marketing Manager for Vitamin Well globally

“Dejan is a player who has chosen to go his own way, a player who plays the kind of football he wants, and that has succeeded in doing so. He is a role model and a source of inspiration for many. To us, it felt important giving the opportunity to meet and train with Dejan to children that might not have the perfect circumstances”, Petter Ericson Hållén, Marketing Manager for Vitamin Well globally, said.

The attending children came from a local club in Farsta, outside of Stockholm, which has put a lot of effort into making the football field a safe and welcoming space regardless of socioeconomic status. Together with Stockholm’s Football Association, the club has made several initiatives to counteract the social exclusion of children in the area.

“Recognizing what’s going on within the clubs in our region, we seek to help where help is needed the most. We try to target areas that the police have listed as vulnerable, and that the Swedish National Sports Federation, Riksidrottsförbundet, has listed as prioritized. This time around, we were able to invite the club in Farsta and we want to give everyone, regardless of background, the possibility to play football. Today, the children experienced an inspiring football day together with our Football Developers, Dejan Kulusevski and Vitamin Well”, Gittan Ahonen Gunnarzon, Head of Marketing and Communication at Stockholm’s Football Association”, said.

“People who have seen me play as a child usually say that I am the same player and that I play the same way today.”

Dejan Kulusevski

The day was full of technical training, laughs, and friendly banter. The children were far from shy and asked Kulusevski about everything from his favorite food and football idols to advanced football tips and tricks.

“We had a lot of fun, which is what football is all about to me, still today. What matters is doing what you love, that way you’ll get good at it. That’s how I play football and how I live my life. So, I tell them to focus on what they love, regardless of whether it is scoring or dribbling. It is important to me to share that, regardless of circumstances, the joy of football should be what determines how far one can reach”, Dejan Kulusevski said.

Kulusevski, who plays in the English professional league and is part of the Swedish national team, adds that he did not only participate in the event to teach children but also learned something himself.

“It’s way more inspiring watching children play football, compared to adults. Children play with joy and imagination, and playing with them reminds me of how it was when I was younger. I did not listen to anyone, I played however I wanted, which hasn’t changed. People who have seen me play as a child usually say that I am the same player and that I play the same way today.”

Tennis professional Emil Ruusuvuori joins Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well’s love for tennis is thriving. Now the current world number 41, Emil Ruusuvuori, joins the Vitamin Well family and thereby becomes the biggest Finnish tennis player in the team so far. 

The Vitamin Well drinks reached the Finnish market in 2009, and the company has since then sponsored several Finnish world class athletes and supported various events and competitions throughout the years. The latest addition to the Vitamin Well ambassador family is the 24-year-old Finnish tennis player Emil Ruusuvuori, who became professional in 2018 and has steadily progressed up the ranks.

– This is one of Vitamin Well’s most significant partnerships in Finland yet, and Emil is a great athlete with the kind of attitude and talent we admire. Now, we are not only being able to support one of our best athletes, but we also continue to support one of Vitamin Well’s core sports – tennis, Caisa Lindblom, Brand Activation Manager for Vitamin Well in Finland, says.

The partnership with Ruusuvuori entered into force by the beginning of April and is a long term-contract.

– I am happy to join Vitamin Well. Having been in the professional tennis world for years, I had a clear picture of the brand. Since I love the drinks, and have seen the company grow, it feels like a natural partnership to me. Having the support from Vitamin Well plays a big role in my tennis career moving forward, Emil Ruusuvuori says.

Vitamin Well x Tennis

Vitamin Wells history with tennis goes back to when the functional drinks first launched in Sweden. Tennis was one of the first sports to be favored by Vitamin Well, which since then has supported countless tournaments and players. In 2023, Vitamin Well is partnering with competitions such as the ATP-tournament in Halle in Germany, as well as tennis professionals like French Arthur Rinderknech, Norwegian Casper Ruud and Malene Helgø, Dutch Tim van Rijthoven, and Swiss Belinda Bencic.

About Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well is a Swedish functional thirst quencher, developed to be a smarter and healthier alternative to sodas, juices and other sugary drinks. The Vitamin Well drinks are characterized by their fresh taste, their content of carefully selected vitamins and minerals, and by their Scandinavian and sporty design. We recommend a varied and balanced diet, as well and an active and healthy lifestyle.

New Vitamin Well cap – stays attached for the environment

This spring, Vitamin Well introduces new and more sustainable caps on all bottles. The caps are now fixated to the bottle neck – in compliance with a litter-reducing EU-directive which enters into force in July of 2024. The early implementation of the attached caps is part of Vitamin Well’s long-lived ambition to limit its environmental impact.  

From July 2024, attached (also called tethered) caps will be a requirement for all plastic beverage bottles within the EU according to a new EU-wide directive on plastics. The aim is to reduce the amount of plastic litter ending up in the environment and to promote a circular economy.

This is ultimately a good thing, which is why Vitamin Well has chosen to implement the new caps already. Since a few months back, all new Vitamin Well bottles are produced with his feature. As such, some bottles with the attached caps have reached the market already, and they will reach all our markets 2023.

– Coming summer 2024, you should see similar caps on all beverages in plastic bottles throughout the EU, since this change is mandatory. People will hopefully get used to the caps quickly and we are sure everyone agrees that it is good to reduce plastic litter. That is why we decided to be among the first to implement this change, says Petter Ericson Hållén, Global Marketing Manager for Vitamin Well.

When updating the bottles to adjust for the new caps, Vitamin Well simultaneously adjusted the bottle neck, resulting in an additional 4% decrease of plastics, weight and CO2e emissions per bottle.

– At Vitamin Well we continuously explore new options to how we can decrease our environmental impact. The implementation of 100 percent recycled plastics in the Vitamin Well bottles in one example of this, the early realization of attached caps is another, Petter Ericson Hållén says.

He continues:

– We also wish to contribute in other ways, by for example encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle, arranging public events, and supporting charities such as the Pink Ribbon, The Swedish Child Cancer Foundation, and many more.

Read more about Vitamin Well’s sustainability efforts here.

About Vitamin Well
Vitamin Well is a Swedish functional thirst quencher, developed to be a smarter and healthier alternative to sodas, juices and other sugary drinks. The Vitamin Well drinks are characterized by their fresh taste, their content of carefully selected vitamins and minerals, and by their minimalistic and sporty design. We recommend a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Højgaard twins join Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well is continuing its engagement in golf. From today, Danish professional golfers Rasmus and Nicolai Højgaard are ambassadors within the Vitamin Well family.

“We are very happy to welcome Rasmus and Nicolai aboard”, Nadia Winther, Marketing Activation Manager for Vitamin Well Denmark, says.

“They are not only extraordinarily talented and committed athletes. But also a very inspiring pair of siblings, considering that they have always competed against each other and still grow together”.

Both Rasmus and Nicolai turned professional in 2019 and have played at the highest level in Europe ever since. They both have multiple professional wins and ranked among the top 100 in the world for an extended period in 2022. All in all, Rasmus and Nicolai are currently two of the most promising golf players from Scandinavia, considering both their results and young age.

“Helping me in the pursuit of my goals”

“Hydration and nutrition is so important for everything that we do. It feels great being partnered with Vitamin Well”, Rasmus says. “Whether it is preparing to go and play golf or after a tough gym session, I love to have a Vitamin Well”.

“I’ve been drinking Vitamin Well for quite some time now. Not only do they taste really good, but I know that the ingredients are carefully selected. This partnership is helping me in the pursuit of my goals”, Nicolai says.

Vitamin Well loves golf

Vitamin Well has supported golfers, clubs, and associations for a long time. In fact, golf courses were one of the first places where one could get a hold of a Vitamin Well bottle when it first launched. Vitamin Well has continued to support the sport through various partnerships ever since.

The Højgaard brothers now enter a team of Vitamin Well golfers such as Swedish Joakim Lagergren and Mikael Lindberg. In addition, Vitamin Well recently partnered with the German Golf Association. This summer Vitamin Well is also, once again, partner to prestigious golf competitions. To mention a few, the Volvo Scandinavian Mixed in Sweden and the Porsche European Open in Germany.