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We are convinced that corporate responsibility is the key to long-term profitability and sustainable business. Therefore, compensating for the emissions caused by our transports, and furthermore contributing to the communities that we operate in and are a part of, is importat to us. Together with ZeroMission, our carbon is offset for the entire delivery chain, from the production plant to the customer. Exactly how we do it, you can read more below.

Svenska Solvatten

Staying hydrated without risking one’s health is unfortunately far from being an everyday possibility for everyone on our planet. Being a beverage company, we want to contribute to making it a possibility for others. Therefore we have chosen to support the project Solvatten in Uganda – a Swedish invention that both cleans and heats the water in individual households and therefore effectively prevents the spread of disease while reducing the need for fuel and thus deforestation that would otherwise be used by households to boil dirty water.

By filling the device with water and placing it in the sun, Solvatten’s device produces clean water within 2-6 hours. The water is purified by a construction combining heating the water to above 55 °C, with UV-B light. Also, the hot water from Solvatten used for cooking and hygiene.

So far this year we have compensated for 113 ton Co2 through Svenska Solvatten.

Read more about Solvatten here.

Trees for Global Benefits in Uganda

By supporting the tree planting project Trees for Global Benefit in Uganda, we compensate for our carbon emissions while contributing to positive environmental and social impacts because project involves local small farmers in sustainable forestry and agriculture. Parts of Uganda is still considered to be very poor and a milestone in the project is to improve the financial situation of farmers, in particular by the money generated through carbon offsetting and thus simplify the transition for them to sustainable agroforestry. The aim is also to contribute to biodiversity through the use of native species, increase knowledge and awareness of climate-related issues.

So far this year we have compensated for 114 ton Co2 through Trees for Global Benefits.

Read more about the tree planting project in Uganda here.


A Greener bottle

Since 2015 all our bottles consists of 25% recycled plastic and we use only 29 grams of plastic per bottle.


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