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Compensating for the emissions caused by our transports, and furthermore caring for the communities that we operate in and the people that are a part of them, is important to us. Apart from our zero emission project, we initiate and engage in several different charity projects every year. Exactly what and how we do all of the above, you can read about here.



Being able to stay hydrated without risking ones health is unfortunately far from being a reality for everyone on our planet. Being a beverage company, we want to try and make it a possibility for more mouths. Therefore, we support the Life Straw – a water treatment project that increases the supply of clean and safe water to residents in Kenya. Instead of boiling water with wood as fuel, which is not only time consuming but also affects the global environment negatively, LifeStraw makes it possible for families to purify their water through filtration.

Read more about Lifestraw here.


A greener bottle


Since 2015 all our bottles consists of 25% recycled plastic and we use only 29 grams of plastic per bottle.

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