What is Vitamin Well?

Vitamin Well is a Swedish company that produces, markets, and sells drinks enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Well’s vitamin drinks were launched in 2008.

Why did you create Vitamin Well?

We lacked a better alternative to existing products on the Swedish market. After finding inspiration on the Nordic, American and Asian beverage markets, we created a beverage with flavors and ingredients tailored for conscious consumers. Since the beginning, we have continued the development of Vitamin Well and launched several smart alternatives.

Where can I find Vitamin Well?

Vitamin Well can be bought at grocery stores, petrol stations, kiosks, and certain pharmacies. You will also find our beverages at cafes, gyms, sports facilities, and golf courses.

Are you missing Vitamin Well at your local shop? Send us an email at info@vitaminwell.se and we’ll try to solve that.

Is Vitamin Well vegan?

Many flavors in our range are vegan, but not the ones with vitamin D. Here you can read more about our products and what they contain.

How long can a Vitamin Well be kept?

An unopened bottle of Vitamin Well lasts for seven months. An unopened bottle of Vitamin Well Sport lasts for nine months. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed within 24 hours.

Why does it sometimes hiss when you open a bottle of Vitamin Well?

To make the bottle more stable, we have increased the pressure in our bottles, which can lead to a little hissing sound the first time you open a bottle.

Does Vitamin Well contain sugar and calories?

Vitamin Well’s beverages are available in several flavors, and we strive to keep low levels of both sugars and calories. All Vitamin Well are low-calorie-drinks, but see each product’s ingredients list for exact values.

What are the benefits of Vitamin Well Sport?

Vitamin Well Sport 001 is a sports drink consisting of a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution. The drink contains a combination of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins. The carbohydrates are a good energy supplement for long-term endurance training. The drink also contains magnesium, which contributes to the body’s normal energy metabolism and muscle function. Vitamin Well Sport 002 is a sugar-free option.

In what way does Vitamin Well Sport contribute to increased recovery for those who train endurance or high intensity training?

Being able to quickly restore the body’s fluid and salt balance is a large part of recovery. Vitamin Well Sport 001 (with sugar) replaces fluid losses faster than if you drink water. This is because it contains sodium and carbohydrates, which bring fluid from the intestines into the body.

Vitamin Well Sport 001 is isotonic and contains, among other things, carbohydrates and sodium, a combination that can prolong the time to exhaustion during endurance training.

Vitamin Well Sport 002 is the sugar-free alternative.

What is an electrolyte?

Electrolytes (salts) such as sodium, magnesium, chloride, and potassium. Electrolyte and carbohydrate solutions help maintain endurance performance during long-term endurance training and improve water absorption during physical exercise.

Can you overdose on certain nutrients by drinking Vitamin Wells products?

Yes, but it requires a very large consumption over a long period of time for adults. The table on the back of our bottles helps you understand how much of each nutrient you get by drinking Vitamin Well. Follow the recommendation on the product label.

Are Vitamin Well bottles made of recycled plastics?

Yes, all Vitamin Well bottles are made of 100% recycled plastics. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

Why are the caps attached to the Vitamin Well bottles?

From July 2024, attached/tethered caps will be a requirement for all plastic beverage bottles within the EU according to a new EU-wide directive on plastics. The aim is to reduce the amount of plastic litter ending up in the environment and to promote a circular economy. This is ultimately a good thing, which is why Vitamin Well and some other producers have chosen to implement the new caps already now. Coming summer 2024, you should see similar caps on all beverages in plastic bottles throughout the EU. While it might take time to get used to the new caps, we hope everyone agrees that it is good to reduce plastic litter.