What is Vitamin Well?

Vitamin Well is a Swedish functional drinks company that develops, produces and markets vitamin- and mineral enriched beverages with a distinct function -as a smarter and healthier alternative to sodas, juices and other still drinks.



Why was Vitamin Well initiated?

Vitamin Well was initiated in 2008 due to the noticeable lack of modern and healthy alternatives to the already existing products on the Swedish market. We got our inspiration from the American and Asian beverage market and created the Vitamin drink with flavors and ingredients adapted for Swedish consumers. We have since the start in 2008 continued the development and launched several smart beverage options.

How much sugar do Vitamin Well´s products contain?

Vitamin Well Sparkling Water and Vitamin Well+ 002 don’t contain any sugar.

The Vitamin Well drink contains 4,2 g fruit sugar per 100 ml.

Vitamin Well+ 001 contains 5,4 grams of sugar per 100 ml.

The table below shows the total amount of sugar per 100 ml for Vitamin Well products compared with other drinks.


Source; The average of 5 market leading products in each category, taken from product labels 2011-08-30.


How many calories do Vitamin Well´s products contain?

Vitamin Well Sparkling Water contains 0 kcal, Vitamin Well+ 002 contains 1,4 kcal, Vitamin Well drink contains 17 kcal and Vitamin Well+ 001 contains 23 kcal per 100 ml.

Below is a list of Vitamin Well beverages compared with other drinks and their calories per 100 ml.


Source; The average of 5 market leading products in each category, taken from product labels 2011-08-30.

Why does some of the drinks change color?

Our products contain an amount of active substances that makes the body good in different ways. With that said, these substances affect the products color in different ways. For example Vitamin C makes the product become more yellow with time, which can be seen most clearly on Vitamin Well Defence while the anthocyanin’s (an antioxidant in elderberries) fades with time which can be seen most clearly on Vitamin Well Focus. The product Vitamin Well Antioxidant also changes color due to reasons mentioned here above, it goes from being bright pink to a more orange like color.

Which are the benefits of Vitamin Well?

All our drinks give a good supplement of vitamins and minerals at the same time as they are great thirts quenchers.

Vitamin Well is a non-carbonated drink sweetened only with fruit sugar, 4,2g per 100ml that provides a broad range of vitamins and minerals. Enjoy them well chilled.

Vitamin Well+ is a sports drink that contains a combination of electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins – specially developed to provide the body with optimal conditions to perform during your workout.



Are vitamin and mineral supplements really nessesary?

If you eat a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables you will get all the nutrients you need.

However, during ceratin periods in your life it can be a good idea to complement your diet with certain vitamins and minerals, for example Vitamin D during winter, folic acid if you are a woman in the childbearing age, or Vitamin B12 if you are a vegan and/or elderly.

Vitamin Well gives a significant supplement of different vitamins and minerals as well as other substances, as for example caffeine which increases your concentration (Vitamin Well Focus).

We recommend a varied and balanced diet as a foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

How much fluid should one drink?

Studies show that you should drink 1-1,5 ml fluid per kilocalorie (kcal) that you burn. A long-distance runner can in one day burn up to 5000 kcal and should due to that have an intake of 5-7,5 liters during these 24 hours. An elderly person with a lower activity level might not burn more than 1500 kcal and therefore only need 1,5 liter per 24 hours.

This covers all fluid added to the body, and how much fluid (approximately 0,5-1 liter) will the body cover through solid food that you eat. In a hot temperature climate the need of fluid during one day vary from 2-4 liters. In a very hot and humid climate or in an extreme situation, the fluid needed for one day can increase to four to ten liters.

Can children drink Vitamin Well?

Yes, with the exception of Vitamin Well Focus that contain caffeine which is not suitable for children.
Pregnant and nursing women can drink Vitamin Well’s products but also with the exception of Vitamin Well Focus.

What is the expiration date of a Vitamin Well?

An unopened bottle will sustain its vitamins and minerals up until six month from the day the product was produced. An opened bottle should be consumed within 24 hours.

Is it possible to overdose nutrients when consuming Vitamin Well?

Yes, but it takes a very large consumption during a long period of time for adults. An adult can without any problem consume 3-4 bottles a day, in addition to a balanced diet. Children should of course be more restrained.

Why is there sometimes a hissing sound when opening a bottle of Vitamin Well?

To make the bottle more stable we have increased the pressure in our bottles which can lead to a small hissing sound the first time you open it.

What are the benefits of Vitamin Well+ ?

Vitamin Well+ 001 is a sports drink that consists of carbohydrate-electrolytes, developed to provide the body with optimal conditions to perform during your workout. The drink contains a combination of electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins. Protein is composed of amino acids. Nine of these are essential, that is, is supplied to the body through food because the body is unable to produce them. BCAA’s are examples of such amino acids. Intense exercise leads to a breakdown of muscles and because of this, your muscles need protein to repair. The amino acids in Vitamin Well+ 001 is added to reduce muscle breakdown. The carbohydrates provides added energy during prolonged endurance exercise. The drink also contains magnesium, which helps maintain the body’s normal energy metabolism and muscle function.

Vitamin Well+ 002 is a sugar-free alternative.


What is a sports drink?

A sports drink is a drink designed to meet the specific needs of nutrients and energy that occur during strenuous exercise. Examples of what constitutes a sports drink is called a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution. There is a broad scientific evidence that prolonged exercise is served by a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution especially water. The European Commission Scientific report [1], it is clear that athletes may benefit from sports drinks, FFA carbohydrate-rich foods and carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions.
There are two approved health claims by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority – the European Food Safety Agency) for sports drinks containing carbohydrate-electrolyte solution, which our drink Vitamin Well+ 001 meet:
– Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise
– Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise

What makes Vitamin Well+ different from other sports drinks?

Traditional sports drinks contain carbohydrates and electrolytes to replace loss fluids. In addition to these, we have chosen to add sustamine, which prolongs exhaustion during strenuous physical activity. Vitamin Well+ also contains BCAA which many of the traditional sports drinks lack.

The three metabolic energy pathways are used in Vitamin Well+. And by combining glucose and fructose the effect on water absorption is greater than with glucose alone. We are one of the few sports drinks that have added amino acids for their positive characteristics of the transport of fluid, and for their unique characteristics in assisting the body. We believe that the ideal sports drink requires a balance of nutrients. For much of the total amount of the ingredients, the product may remain in the packed lunch, providing a slower rehydration. The risk is also that you can get a stomach ache.
In the development of sports drink, we have created what we believe is the optimal balance of different nutrients. Furthermore we have minerals and vitamins that we consider to be of value because the consumption of these goes up during exercise. We are very proud to have succeeded in with these combinations in Vitamin Well + without using maltodextrin and sweetener, while having a low osmolality. We believe this to be the next generation of sports drink.

The aim of Vitamin Well+ is to create the best possible sports drink and we will continuously follow current research.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Nine of these are essential, meaning that the body can not produce them by itself. BCAA is an axample of such amino acids.
Extreme training leads to increased muscular decomposition. The muscles needs protein to repair. The amino acids added to Vitamin Well+ helps reducing muscular decomposition.

In what way does Vitamin Well+ assist in the recovery of those who take part in intense exercises and endurance training?

Being able to quickly restore the body’s fluid and salt balance is a big part of the recovery. Vitamin Well+ 001 replaces lost fluids faster than drinking water. This is because it contains sodium, carbohydrates and amino acids which are transported though the intestines and gets absorbed into the body.

Vitamin Well+ 001 is isotonic and includes carbohydrates and sodium, a combination which can increase the amount of time until fatigue or exhaustion is felt.

Vitamin Well+ 002 is a hypotonic sports drink and therefore travels very quickly from the stomach into the intestine. Because it contains sodium and amino acids that are actively transported out through the intestine Vitamin Well+ 002 also provides rapid rehydration and thus faster recovery than water.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes (salts) such as sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium. Electrolyte and carbohydrate substances help maintain stamina during prolonged endurance exercise and improves water uptake during exercise.

What is Oxidative Stress? Cant the cells be preventing from oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. Some environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke, may contain large amounts of free radicals or stimulate the body’s cells to produce more free radicals.
The body makes some of the antioxidants it uses to neutralize free radicals. However, the body relies on external sources, primarily the diet, to obtain the rest of the antioxidants it needs. These exogenous antioxidants are commonly called dietary antioxidants, examples of such antioxidants are vitamins C and E.

What is Sustamine®?

Sustamine®* is a dipeptide form of L-Glutamine that supplies a combination of pure L-Glutamine (an amino acid for stimulating muscle protein synthesis) and L-Alanine (an amino acid needed for rebuilding glycogen stores). This dipeptide is much smaller than a complete protein and can be absorbed quickly. Clinically tested Sustamine® has shown to be designed to help bodies rehydrate, replenish and recover *




*Sustamine® is a registered trademark of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD

What are the benefits of Vitamin Well Sparkling Water?

Vitamin Well Sparkling Water is a fresh and mildly carbonated water enriched with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, biotin, folic acid and the mineral, selen. Sparkling Water contains no sugar and exists naturally or flavored with the natural aromas of raspberries or peach.