Join the Vitamin Well team in the Netherlands

Vitamin Well is a Swedish beverage brand that has been on the Dutch market since 2012. Vitamin Well is a functional drink enriched with vitamins and minerals and based on Swedish spring water. Vitamin Well started in 2008 and is now the market leading vitamin drink in Europe.

We are currently looking for Student Brand Ambassadors in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Being a Student Brand Ambassador for Vitamin Well is more than just a fun part-time job in addition to your studies. Here you are given the opportunity to become part of a successful company with leading edge consumer products and great development opportunities for those who aim high. You get a foot into work life and a chance to begin your career early so that after graduation you are fully-qualified and ready to get into the professional world. As a Student Brand Ambassador, you will be the face of Vitamin Well, both at your university and in your university city. This will happen by regularly updating us about events and happenings, organizing demos, sampling drinks, initiating collaborations with various student associations / co-operatives and having a working dialogue with both the local sales and marketing team of D-Drinks

Job assignment:
– Be the face of Vitamin Well at your university and in your university city
– Keep track of various events taking place at the university
– Demos and samplings, in connection with events / lectures / sports events
– Provide various suggestions on places we should be at / appear on
– Be a link for sales, by keeping track of exposures, displays etc. in different stores
– Act as demo personnel at various demo events, competitions
– Have a working relationship with the sales and marketing team at D-drinks
– Update social media, in order to strengthen the Vitamin Well brand and engage with the audience

We are looking for a person who has the following characteristics:
– Outgoing
– Health conscious
– Have an interest in training (running, yoga, tennis, golf, alpine sports etc.)
– Engaged in student life (once a semester or more is meritorious)
– Love Vitamin Well, of course!

Are you the perfect candidate? Please send your CV and personal letter to

Win een reis naar het Noorderlicht

Met Vitamin Well maak je nu kans op een reis naar het Zweedse deel van Lapland om dit prachtige natuurspektakel mee te maken.

Hoe doe je mee?

Koop een flesje Vitamin Well met een neckhanger in de winkel. Op de achterzijde van de neckhanger vind je een unieke actiecode. Vul deze actiecode samen met de rest van de gevraagde gegevens in op de actiepagina: Mocht je de winnaar zijn van deze actie, dan nemen wij persoonlijk contact met jou op.

Op 29-06-18 wordt de winnaar bekend gemaakt.

Vitamin Well is een heerlijke en verfrissende dorstlesser uit Zweden met extra vitaminen en mineralen. Probeer ook eens één van de andere smaken en laat je verrassen!

Samenwerking met Judith Noordzij

In 2018 hebben wij een mooie samenwerking opgestart met full time inspirator Judith. We gaan veel leuke dingen doen dit jaar! Houdt onze Instagram pagina in de gaten! Meer over Judith kun je lezen op: